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About Us

T N T Academy started as a Non-Traditional Educational Center that serves middle and high school students engaged in independent study. However, TNT Academy now offers a traditional education pathway where classes are taught by a qualified teacher. Classes meet daily where interaction with others and a teacher provides stimulation to help students grow and learn intellectually. All of this combined provides for a successful experience for all involved. This facility operates to meet the needs of all students enrolled.  Each educational program is specialized to serve each students interests and needs striving to meet the general welfare of all students they serve. 

Mission Statement

The Purpose of TNT Academy is to encourage academic success by providing opportunities for students to develop strengths and overcome challenges.
TNT provides a personalized and positive learning environment which enables each student to reach their potential.
TNT Academy strives to inspire excellence in all areas while preparing students to be successful and responsible citizens in a diverse and ever-changing world.
At TNT Academy, we embrace a partnership with our parents and community to be actively involved in the total development of our students; emphasizing moral, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Vision Statement

To provide a personalized and positive instructional program to enable each student to reach their potential.